Hang Power Clean
 7 x 2 On the Minute

Power Clean
 7 x 2 On the Minute

Squat Clean
 7 x 2 On the Minute
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One Response to 6/30/12

  1. Jason says:

    Did this one this morning. Wasnt sure how to attack it from a weight standpoint. I started too light, worked my way up to 185 and stayed there. My hips were still tired from Sunday where I did the back squat workout from Friday and my own made up Met-con:

    1000 foot over head (locked out) carry – 155#
    100 double unders
    10 Chest 2 bar
    1 Hand stand push up to the floor – these are hard for me

    I basically marked out 100ft on my driveway and did 10 reps. Each rep stop and do a full squat clean and jerk.
    Feeling my hips every time I stand up! Todays workout that I do tomorrow should be interesting!

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