A. Strength: Superset of the following:

3 x 3 Push Jerks

3 x 40 yard farmer walks

B. MetCon:

25 minutes of “Death By” strict pull-ups (once pull-ups fail – 2x burpees; once burpees fail – 3x air squats).

So… on the first minute you will do 1 pull-up, second minute 2 pullups, third minute 3 pull-ups, fourth minute – take a guess?  Once you are no longer able to complete the required amount of strict pull-ups in a given minute, you will do 2 burpees the following minute, 4 burpees after that, 6, 8, 10, etc.  Once you are no longer able to complete required burpees, you will drop back down to 3x air squats (3, 6, 9, etc.).

For those scaling the strict pull-ups, try to choose a tough scaling option that will give you some training volume to get stronger.

Checkout:  5 minutes of 20 seconds on / 40 seconds off of L-sits.

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