1) 10 min. to establish a 2RM Clean from blocks (at power position) + 1 Jerk (after 2nd Clean).
2) EMOM for 5:00 – 2 Cleans from blocks (at power position) + 1 Jerk @ 80% of max double from #1.


1a) 4X5 Muscle-Ups (see note below) + ME Ring Dips (kipping or strict, begin RD after 5th MU) – rest 90 sec.

Note: The 5 reps per set are a starting point for those with less than 10 UB reps. If your best max UB set is more than 10 reps then sets should be half of whatever your max number is (example: max UB 18 reps – perform 4 sets of 9 reps with ME dips after rep 9). For those with less than 10 UB reps the preference for the sets of 5 is UB reps, but not required.

1b) Back Squat: 1X8@70%, 2X8@75%, 1X5@80% ­ quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.


2 X Row 2k

Take resting heart rate before first 2k. Rest as needed for heart rate to return to within 10 BPMs of original RHR, then begin second 2k.

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