Welcome to CrossFit 607

The CrossFit Games motto is “The only way to win is to do more work faster.” You may not be in it to “win,” but I bet you want to be “better,” so for the general CrossFitter, I would change the motto to “The only way to be better is to do more work faster.”
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  1. MaryS says:

    Today’s workout not up here-but was “Grace” 30 snatches. My weight was 45lbs, time 3:55. Was even more significant today as I did it for a fundraiser-BarbellsforBoobs!
    We had a great time after the workout by splitting into 2 teams and racing doing tire flips, burpees, sled pushes and burpees again. We won!!! Yay – Thanks to my teammates Kim & Jason!! And the other team, Chris, Heather & Christine. What a great time!!

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