1) 7X1 Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – work to a max for the day, rest 90 sec.

*14.5 Repeaters: Complete #1 and warmup work from 140329 before your attempt. If you have time (or anything left), you may do the rest of the work for the day after finishing – preferably with a solid amount of rest.

2A) 3X3 Snatch Grip BTN Push Press + 3 OHS – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
2B) 3X3 Three Stop Snatch Pull (with 2 count pause at each stop) – heaviest possible with perfect positions, rest 90 sec. DEMO VIDEO (please watch)


1a) 3X60 (seconds) ME Freestanding HS Push-ups – rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X30 (steps) Front Rack Walking Lunges – heaviest possible (with no pause to gather feet), rest 90 sec.



3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pull-ups

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