Complete for time:
10 reps 95/135lb Squat Clean
31 Knees to Elbow
40 Box jumps 24″ box
10 reps 95/135lb Power Snatch
31 Ring Push ups
40 Double Unders
10 reps 95/135lb Thruster
31 Pullups
40 Burpees
71 O.H. Walking lunge steps with 25/45lb plate

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6 Responses to 11/1/11

  1. John VanBenCoten says:

    O boy! What’s the significance behind the rep scheme, if there is any?

  2. jimgym says:

    It’s CrossFIt, it’s random..lol

  3. MaryS says:

    Did yesterdays-9:50 w/48pds.

  4. swheaton says:

    22 51 used 97 lbs

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