Success Stories

Eric C. from Pine City

Going to crossfit at 607 Has been life changing for me. I am a carpenter, I am not a couch potatoe, and I was not a weight lifting gym person.

I needed to get on top of things for health reasons though. I have gone to Crossfit 607 at Jim’s Gym religiously from January of 2010 to now. In that time I have lost 40 pounds, I have increased in strength, and I have been able to go off all medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

You have to try It! It is a struggle and there are days when you have to push yourself just to go. In the long run thou it is worth it. I can literally say I have sweated my butt off to get off my meds, and the healthiest I have been in a long time.

Try CrossFit607 today.


Ben P.

I started CrossFit at Jim’s Gym shortly after the 2013 CrossFit Games Open. Prior to this I had been with the gym for several years. To be honest I was very hesitant due to all the bad things I had heard about CrossFit as a whole. Over time I had watched many of the CrossFitters progress into athletes while my strength gains plateaued and I became bored with my traditional routine.

Despite being plagued by bad shoulders, knees, and most other joint problems a 26 year old shouldn’t be worrying about I decided to give it a shot. The results ended up being exactly the opposite of what I had heard from all the naysayers.

The amount of knowledge I gained on mobility, form, and technique changed the way I looked at working out. The aforementioned issues I thought would only be fixed with surgery are now a thing of the past. My body feels great, and better yet my strength and conditioning has increased across the board. I’ve put on nearly 15 pounds of muscle and I’m significantly more nimble, mobile and flexible.

The community at Jim’s/CrossFit607 is more like a family. Everyone knows your name and everyone says hello. There is nothing else like it in this area.


David Kinnaird
Elmira Police Captain

I can out lift a runner and out run a lifter! All because of Jim’s Gym/Crossfit607. Thanks Jim Wheaton.

In these times when we are more connected and busier than ever, it is easy to forget the most important thing. To take care of ourselves.  When I joined Crossfit607 that all changed.  I became stronger, faster and healthier.  When I added nutrition as part of my routine, I lost 25 lbs., discovered my abs again and now have the same waist size as in high school.  I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of my Crossfit607 family and Jim’s Gym.  Thank you!



I moved to upstate NY a few months ago and one of the big thing’s I wanted to find was a gym similar to what I had back in Iowa. I came from a gym where it was competitive but a team environment. When I first checked out Crossfit 607, Jim was extremely helpful in explaining the programming, the coaching and answering just about any question I had. Not only that, but everyone was welcoming and supportive from day 1. My programming is slightly different but that doesn’t stop the more experienced athletes from helping coach me on my lifts, supporting me and making me feel like I am part of the team. My lifts have seen incredible progress in just a few months from the coaching I’ve received from Jim and the rest of the crossfit team. From the major technical aspects to the little things, the coaching and support you’ll receive is fantastic. Having this kind of team around you, makes you want to compete and work for the goals you once thought we’re unachievable.

Coming into a gym like this can be intimidating, and taking the first step is the hardest part. I’m glad I found the gym when I did, the people, the atmosphere and the coaching is some of the best you’ll find. Jim’s gym makes working out fun and you’ll never want to go back to the Anytime Fitness’ of the world. I’m about 1000 miles from home and coming here makes it feel like I’m back there. If you’re willing to put the work in and commit, crossfit 607 will help you get to where you want to be.


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